Terms and Conditions of Hiring HC Digital Photography & FAQ.

Photography Consent:

By hiring HC Digital Photography you are consenting to be photographed by Harry Cunningham of HC Digital Photography.

Booking Deposit:

All bookings require a $50 deposit to secure your booking time and date. Deposits are deducted from the final payment. If the client cancels 1 Weeks before the booked event the deposit will be non-refundable.


Deposits for all events are due ASAP- see above. The remaining payment is required no later than one (1) week before your event/session. If you have not paid the full payment one (1) week before your event/session, HC Digital Photography will not take photos.

Payment Options:

Payments can be made via Cash or Bank transfer.

Delivery of Images:

All clients, for all sessions are offered the free option of receiving digital downloads of their purchased images via Dropbox. The digital download link will expire after 3 months. USB's containing purchased digital images can be provided at an additional fee $20 (including postage). There is no USB fee for wedding bookings, unless extra USB's are requested. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the delivery of USB’s .

Online Uploading:

Unless it is clearly stated that the client does not want the photographs from their event or session put online (Facebook, Website, Instagram, Twitter etc), all photos deemed appropriate and of high quality that have been photographed by HC Digital Photography may be uploaded onto social media for promotional use. 

Marketing & Promotion: 

HC Digital Photography may reproduce images from a client's session for their own marketing, advertising, promotion and exhibition, both internally and external. HC Digital Photography respects if a client wishes to have their photographs strictly private, this must be stated in writing either prior or during the session.

Copyright and Image Ownership:

Images taken by HC Digital Photography therefore belong to HC Digital Photography. Nevertheless, you are able to use HC Digital images for personal uses within digital limits. HC Digital Photography’s images are not to be used for commercial purposes without agreement and permission.

Material Photographed:

HC Digital Photography is not liable for anything that is photographed. HC Digital Photography is happy too and will delete any doubtful photographs/photographs requested to be removed. 


HC Digital Photography takes a high number of photographs to ensure that they’re of utmost quality. HC Digital under no situation will upload/provide all the photos taken at an event/session. If a photograph is not uploaded, it no longer exists. Please do not request for photographs that have not been uploaded/provided.

All information contained through booking messages will remain strictly confidential to HC Digital Photography. No information will be given out to other parties without the client’s knowledge and permission.


How many photos should I expect?

Expect 40-100 photos per hour depending on the event.

What is the usual payment process?

Usually I receive the $50 deposit first and then receive cash on the night of the event.

How long until I will get my photos?

Please allow 2-4 working days for the photos to be delivered.

**By creating a booking and or enquiry you hereby agree to the above Terms and Conditions of Hire.**